Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can we update our old site without losing information?
Of course. Most sites store their data separately from the site code.
If your data is not stored in this way, we will design a new database and transfer the data to it as part of the new build process.

2. We only need a small site for now but we intend to develop it later. How does this work?
Many sites start off small and grow over time. As you build your business, so your server resources will expand.
Our ongoing development team will take care of security, performance tweaks, SEO, content management and everything in between.

3. Can you manage our social media for us?
Yes! Our marketing team consists of experts in social media management.
They will get your content out to the right audience at the right time.

4. What happens if something goes wrong?
Technology is fragile and things can break. That's why we make regular backups of all your data and ensure that technical help is always on hand. Your site reports to us whenever there is an error, however minor, so we always know what's going on on the tech side of your system. We can even help you with changes you or your employees might make that cause unwanted results.
5. How long does it take to get my site online?
This depends on how complicated your site's design and development work are.
Typically, your new site is online within 2 working days, for simple designs and usually within 2 weeks for more complicated systems. Of course, you are always kept in the loop throughout every stage of development.

6. We need to create a lot of content. What are the hosting data limits?
There aren't any. Our servers are fast and our storage is vast. Our hosting package is singular because it has everything you could need, and there are no limits to how much data you can upload, store, transfer, download and process.
7. Help! I forgot my login details for my new site!
Don't worry; It happens. We can reset any password as long as you can verify your identity.
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